Soul Swaps/Walk ins and Dreams

I love to share my experiences, mainly because it helps me to process things, and more information tends to come out as I share. Also, me sharing parts of myself and my experience feels good. Who knows… maybe it can help others along the way. I’ve had a few things come through this week, butContinue reading “Soul Swaps/Walk ins and Dreams”

Dream Journey: The Subconscious Mind Speaks

The “weighted blanket” hit again today and I just had to take a nap. I woke up and began to write this! In my dream, I was riding on a motorcycle. There was an urgency in the air and a few other people tagging along on their bikes as well like we were a group.Continue reading “Dream Journey: The Subconscious Mind Speaks”

Dream Interpretation

My favorite thing to do for myself and others is interpreting dreams. The symbolism that the subconscious uses in our dreams is beyond fascinating! Let me tell you how I interpret dreams with an example of my own dream. Get your dream journals ready! There I was shoulder deep in murky river water, walking downstream.Continue reading “Dream Interpretation”