Beyond the Shadow

Many will know the term “shadow work” being the parts of ourselves we have disassociated from. The pieces we dislike, did not want to feel anymore, the parts that in that very moment of the unpleasant experience we made a choice to protect our self and tucked it away. It could’ve been the moment someoneContinue reading “Beyond the Shadow”

Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing

Elisa is healing. Elisa is committed to her healing. Elisa is committed to allowing for her healing. At 39 years old and about 2 months away from her big 40th birthday, she contacted me to see if I could help. We sat together in the zoom call together, getting a feel for each other, andContinue reading “Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing”

The Brightest, Shiniest Doors Ever

I know what you’re thinking…what in the world is this going to be about? The…brightest…shiniest…doors…ever, she wrote?! I’m talking about the doors in my home! The energies have been a little hmmm… overwhelming lately. Maybe you’ve noticed it too? Unwanted emotions from the past arising screaming, “DEAL WITH ME!” as well as a overload ofContinue reading “The Brightest, Shiniest Doors Ever”