The Principle of Polarity Balancing the Law of Attraction

The Principle of Polarity balancing The Law of Attraction…say what? Ah, the power within the Law of Attraction! One of the more popular universal laws. What you ask for is given, right?! Well, yes, of course it is but is there a balance to it all? There is something I have noticed as of lateContinue reading “The Principle of Polarity Balancing the Law of Attraction”

Manifesting: Let’s talk about it

Let’s talk a bit about manifestation. It seems like I get the Law of Attraction question a lot. How do you attract the things you want? What is the trick? What am I doing wrong? My best friend of 20+ years has chalked me up to a “master manifestor”. I would laugh and say ah…Continue reading “Manifesting: Let’s talk about it”