Consciously Creating

There is an extra metaphysical layer to this reality where your words, thoughts, and choices actually matter. Are you taking into account how you are creating? Is it from a conscious state or an unconscious state? How do you even go about figuring out the answer to that?! Consciously Create: Is this true? One easyContinue reading “Consciously Creating”

Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing

Elisa is healing. Elisa is committed to her healing. Elisa is committed to allowing for her healing. At 39 years old and about 2 months away from her big 40th birthday, she contacted me to see if I could help. We sat together in the zoom call together, getting a feel for each other, andContinue reading “Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing”

Shadow Work Journal: Body Pain and Manifesting

I’ve been in a great deal of pain lately. In and out of the doctor’s office… even a trip to the emergency room. I’m having a lot of problems with my lower back that is well, honestly…scary! Painful, just doesn’t do what I am feeling justice. This is certainly not what I am intentionally tryingContinue reading “Shadow Work Journal: Body Pain and Manifesting”

Activating the Solar Plexus: Collective Energy

Oh, how the solar plexus is being activated to new heights within the last few days. When I tune into my physical body, I see these golden, sparkling yellow hues just flowing and moving outwards from my solar plexus area. The Sanskrit meaning which is translated to “shining gem” paints a pretty awesome mental pictureContinue reading “Activating the Solar Plexus: Collective Energy”

The Perfect Energy for Shadow Work

I can feel it in my bones… the supportive energy forming a comfy cushion around the physical body as if to say I’ll catch you if you fall, the waves of energy that are trying to penetrate each and every one of us to wash away all that was, the sparks of energy that areContinue reading “The Perfect Energy for Shadow Work”