“I won’t judge you, shame you, try to fix you, or make choices for you…I will however show unconditional love, support you while you grow, help you to trust your intuition, make you feel safe, empower, and respect you. Holding space for you with compassion, love, and acceptance. I will offer you guidance and walk along side of you through this amazing journey. I am here, you are not alone!”-Krystle

Tarot is a Tool

Picking up my first tarot deck in 2008, I instantly felt a connection. Tarot has been a tool from the moment it chose me. It helped me connect deeper as I began to trust what was coming through from higher aspects. I have found that many times during a typical reading, I would begin channeling the client’s spirit guides or even their higher self, bringing forth powerful messages.

With that being said, I now see tarot differently. Truly seeing it as a tool for transformation! With every transformation, there is upgrades.

Evolving Tarot Readings

From reading for family, friends, and myself to working with many psychic hotlines providing clarity and guidance to people all around the world. Not only have I grown through my journey, but my way of reading tarot has as well, in a wonderful way!

What to Expect in a Reading?

We will journey into the deeper parts of you and your questions during a reading. So, you may find yourself leaving with so much more than just your question answered. As I will allow your higher aspects to speak bringing forth messages that need to be heard.

I am very tuned into my body. Therefore, it likes to speak during readings as well. It allows me to see where you may be having blocks with the current situation. This can range from blockages in your energy centers to repressed emotions that need to be released.

I receive visuals that can come with symbolism or full scenes being shown to me. I work with my higher aspects to understand these and present all to you.

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient

If a message comes up, I give… I won’t hold back.

I will not make choices for you. You are the master of your path!

I simply am not a fortune teller. I am a guiding light! As I specialize in the shadow, the hidden parts, this also shows up in my tarot readings. You can’t heal, navigate, or understand what you can’t see and many times this is what is brought forth in my readings.

Not everyone is prepared for that, and I get it! I’ve always said, “When choosing a tarot reader, you should be just as picky about them as you are choosing other relationships in your life!” Not everyone is on the same frequency, be picky!

With that being said, it goes both ways. Even after all these years, money is not my motivation. This is to say, I have and will turn down a reading, if I feel it is not a good match. I will be picky (big grin)! Please do not take offense, it is for yours and my highest good!

Am I a good fit for you?

  • Do you question your path and purpose?
  • Want to know more about your abilities?
  • Curious about what is blocking you?
  • Have you been wanting to connect with your Spirit Guides or Higher Self?
  • Need guidance weighing your options? + and – to the choices/path you are weighing
  • Curious about how someone close to you is feeling?
  • Are you not understanding how you are feeling?!
  • Wanting a deeper understanding about someone in your life?
  • Find yourself asking the deeper questions about your life?
  • Having a hard time moving forward?
  • Need help navigating a problem and need guidance?

I look forward to connecting with you!

Email Reading

Email Reading

Please email your questions for your reading to journeyintuit@gmail.com Reading will be emailed within 48 hours.


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Video Reading

Video Reading

This Tarot reading will be privately uploaded to my YouTube channel and the link will be sent to your email within 24-48 hours of your purchase. Please send your questions to journeyintuit@gmail.com


Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only.