Unconscious Money Blocks

Let’s talk about unconscious money blocks for a moment. The unconscious blocks can have such an impact on what it is you are trying to create. For example, not getting results when you are working on manifesting money. You could have an unconscious money block.

No matter how much you work with the Law of Attraction, this unconscious block will continue blocking.

Unconscious blocks with words

I hear a good bit,” I’ve been working with and on using Law of Attraction and trying to manifest more money into my life”

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel that we are moving into a fresh era of the majority releasing their attachment to the material world… Cultivating abundance in other ways- literally! Which is a beautiful thing in itself! Though I understand supplies are needed, families need to be provided for, and bills to be paid (for now).

Yes… I’m the “dreamer” of the new way of doing things…where community comes together and makes it all work perfectly! It’s not so much as a “dream” rather than coming to fruition all over the world as I type this (big smiles), but that’s a whole other convo.

Back to the Mula or Money Blocks Rather

The first thing I would ask you to take a look at is your words. What you are saying literally; can tell you a lot about what type of frequency you are really aligned to.

Take the sentence above for example, ” I’ve been working with and on using Law of Attraction…”. I wouldn’t want to “use” the Laws of the Universe. Call me picky but you get what you give (basis of the Law of Compensation). If I’m giving the energy of using the LOA, wouldn’t I be used in some form or fashion…. too deep?

I mean think about it

the Law of Attraction is the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, actions and how you create your reality

Do you know that old saying that says, ” Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you”? I feel the same vibration following along behind that phrase as having the LOA working FOR you! Just a thought…

The next thing I would look at is, ” …trying to manifest more money.”

If you say you are trying…you are always going to be trying!

There is power in your words, as they hold a feeling/vibe to them too. Even if you are telling someone that you literally are trying to manifest more money, you can stay in the alignment with your desires by listening to your wording.

Try, ” I AM open to the possibilities of manifesting more money” or simply,” I AM manifesting more money into my field”. You really want to speak it in present tense. Just wanted to bring that to the conscious…

Be Conscious of Your Words

What I really wanted to bring forth, is the unconscious money blocks. Now these unconscious money blocks can be super small or massive!

I found a minor money block yesterday. As I sat there doing chat readings on a hotline I work with, I began to feel this slight pressure in my neck that was very lightly radiating up to my head. Now I personally pay attention to my body, and I like to question what that is. So, I switched my availability off for a moment and just tuned within. I asked, ” What is this pressure in my neck and head?” It came out very easy as I took a moment to work with it and release it.

Honesty is required for the money blocks

As it turns out, I held stagnant energy in that area with a limited belief that my grandfather had said a very long time ago that went a little something like this…” MORE MONEY, MORE PROBLEMS!” I was like Wow, something so simple as that phrase coming from my grandfather had such an impact on what I was storing as my belief about money. Of course, I rewrote that belief!

How can you find your unconscious money blocks?

First it takes honesty… fully, completely, open, and honest with yourself.

Think of honesty as the key to unlock the unconscious!

There you are, holding the key…dun-dun-dunnn!

My second tip is to FEEL… fully, completely, openly feel within you. You may find a feeling starts to “go off” within your body. This feeling will show where the block is held. You may notice you get specific feelings for answers to your questions like cold chills for a huge YES!

Your body will speak if you allow it… and just maybe it has a lot to say!

Give your body a voice, let it speak

Next, just begin to have an open dialogue with yourself and ask, ” Do I have a money block”. Play around with questions and find what works for you. This is where you will really have to tell the logical mind to take the back seat and allow for whatever is going to come up.

When you get a yes that you have a money block begin to question where it came from. Ask where you were, how old were you, was there someone that influenced this, etc. Again, just allow. By doing this you are shing a light on the unconscious block you have. The goal is to bring it into the conscious and work with it. I mean… you can’t work with what you don’t know!

Light language art for allowing
Light Language Transmission: Allowing

Another good prompt to use is,” Where am I holding fear within me about money”. Sometimes, the limited belief that you have held onto is simply that you are not enough. Not good enough, not smart enough, not bold enough… and we could go on and on and on. What is being held is a belief of lacking value. Fears or feelings of unworthiness could also play a part here.

Of course, you can continue with open dialogue and see what is brought to your attention to work on. Why haven’t you felt good enough to be abundant? Who made you feel as though you weren’t smart enough to be successful? What happened in the past that created fear within about reaching your goals with your business? I would also ask you to consider challenging these limited beliefs.

Work with the unconscious, consciously

Let’s say you did discover that you feel as though you aren’t smart enough to be successful. You have fully come to understand what, where, who, and how this belief was created. Go a step further and begin to think of all the ways you are smart! Think of the brilliant experiences where you rose to the challenge and dominated with the power of your mind. Think of all the times you brought fabulous ideas to the group, and it worked out perfectly.

Allow YOU to truly see YOU!

If you would like help with this, you can always contact me, and we can set up a session to bust through your money blocks together! Oh, how I love doing that!

You might enjoy reading about Beyond Quantum Healing. A BQH session would be very helpful in busting through money blocks!

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