Whole Heart Energy Healing

Energy Healing Services

Energy Healing with the highest of intentions for your highest good.

With an open heart, deep connection, and the highest of intentions energy healing is a powerful tool.

Service A

Energy healing with focus and intention on one specific point. Physical (Ex: headache), Emotional (Ex: releasing anger), and Etheric (Ex: heart chakra focus)

Service B

Energy healing with focus upon opening, clearing, aligning the energy centers. From root chakra to crown chakra, energy will flow through you and activate the main chakras.

Service C

Energy healing with activations, clearing, and powerful codes brought forth. Chakra alignment(advanced), energetic cleanse, healing, auric cleanse, activations via light language, and more!

What a powerful session! I came in not knowing what to expect, and left the session feeling open, elevated, and thrilled to have experienced this! My heart is full, and my mind is clear.”


Service A

30-minute duration Focus and Attention upon One Specific Point


Service B

30-45 minute session Chakra Clearing, Opening, Aligning, and Activating


Service C

Ultimate Energy Healing Session with Clearings, Auric Cleanse, Chakra Focus, Activations, Wisdom Codes, and much more!


Please use the Calendar below after payment to book your session. If a time is not available that will work for you, please reach out at journeyintuit@gmail.com and I will see what I can work out on my end to get you in!

Let’s heal together.

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