A Fun Way to Learn Tarot

Are you trying your best to learn tarot, trying to memorize the book meanings, maybe even writing down keywords for the cards you just don’t connect with? Yea, I did that too. It wasn’t until I put my own twist into learning the cards, did they stick. Not only do I have specific meanings nothing like the book meanings for some cards, but the way I learned really helped me lean into my intuition when doing a session! Your intuition is going to play a big role in speaking the story that’s shown. One thing that really helped me to begin to read was to actually pull the cards in whatever spread you’d like (I started with the Celtic cross and still use it to this day!) is to imagine the story coming out of the cards. In the celtic cross spread you have a beginning, or where the querent is right now in his/her life. You have a middle, being what has happened in their past and even most recent past. You move onto what are some challenges coming up and their potential future if the path is continued. When you look at it as if the cards are telling you a story of the persons life, it not only becomes much easier but can be super fun to see the visuals of possibilities coming in. I did a series on learning tarot on youtube if you’d like to check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/c/journeyintuit

When working with the court cards, a simple trick I learned is to learn some key notes of their personalities and compare them to someone in your life! Figure out which court card symbolizes you and your personality too. Example: My sister is definitely Queen of Pentacles. Not only is she a taurus and strong capricorn aspects running through her chart (pentacles are earth sign afterall) but she is strong, grounded, and reliable. A true queen of her realm and money, lol! It’s just a fun way to mix it up and learn the court cards. You can even do the same with other cards. Ask yourself, ” Who does this remind me of?” or “What have I experienced in my life that’s similar to the meaning of this card?” I promise you, once you begin to look at tarot in this way, it suddenly becomes a bit clearer how these cards respond to others life experiences. Over time, maybe you will find that specific cards take on a specific meaning to you. I’ll tell you, my Queen of Wands…she’s one to watch out for as she comes across as my “other woman” card in my readings.. uh oh! Now I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to read tarot. So have fun with it, make it your own, connect to your cards and the energy you feel from your cards, and always trust in what your gut is telling you!


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