Energy like a Weighted Blanket

What about these energies? Have you all been feeling them? The heaviness of this energy is light a weighted blanket that I felt like I couldn’t kick off… no matter what. Its been a wild ride and it isn’t over yet! At any given moment, that weighted blanket can be put back on me to lay me out. I began to ask, why!? Just yesterday, i was extremely energetic, going about my day. My vibes were high and I felt pretty dang good, especially compared to the previous weeks. All of a sudden, a wave of energy came through that knocked me out for about 45 minutes. The blanket was back on and it was all I could do to crawl into the bed. There was no fighting this. I know that these moments are very important though. As I’ve noticed when this happens, it is as though things are being upgraded maybe even rewired as I lay there. My body heats up as a familiar vibration begins to shake my insides. I could call it the inner earthquakes! I’ve known this feeling or this experience rather for many years. When I was a child, I lived near a train track. Somewhere along the lines I associated what was happening internally to a train passing by. When I got a bit older and moved, I would wake in the night after an inner earthquake and I’d realize… there’s no train around. So I began to pay more attention to these experiences. Now I have certainly come along way when it comes to observing what is actually taking place during these time. When the inner earthquake began yesterday, I experienced heat like I never had. Now usually my body heats up when I am around energy healers, and my hands tend to heat up when I’m in the presence of someone who needs healing. This heat was different though. It was as if a fire was moving through my very essence and disintegrating everything that needed to go. It felt like it moved through my organs, my tissues, my cells… all of me. I noticed there was an intensity to how numb my external body felt, but at the same time it was very comforting. The inner earthquake was vibrating so rapidly… I was comfortably numb! I also experienced my heart chakra expanding and I thought,” Man…can it …expand more?!” There was a bit discomfort with this but there was also this incredible energy that followed as I felt this space interact and play with my solar plexus energy center. It felt as though a seal of some sort had been broken. I’m sure I’ll come to learn eventually what this actually was! When that happened, I began to feel a pressure in my crown. If this makes sense, it wasn’t an outward pressure… it was an inpouring of pressure coming in. Was this downloads? Was this a new energy flowing through me, replacing or washing away the old? Whatever the case may be, I snapped back from that 45 minutes lay out, kicked the weighted blanket off, and felt fabulous. Even as I sit here typing, I can still feel the buzz or tingles upon my skin from this energy! I know there are alot of things happening as the vibration/ energy continues to speed up. There are clearings, balances, integration, expansion, and extreme upgrades coming in for many of us. If you find yourself being put under the weighted blanket, try your best to tune into your physical body to better understand what exactly is happening. Open up to the changes being made, surrender to expansion, allow the energy to flow! It’s an exciting time to be alive and here for this experience as we all shift!


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