The Principle of Polarity Balancing the Law of Attraction

The Principle of Polarity balancing The Law of Attraction…say what? Ah, the power within the Law of Attraction! One of the more popular universal laws. What you ask for is given, right?! Well, yes, of course it is but is there a balance to it all? There is something I have noticed as of late which had me thinking about the concept of balance and polarity. I have thought of polarity as two opposites that work together to create balance.

Do poles create a balance?

In Hermetic teachings, the Principle of Polarity states everything is dual. Everything has poles. Everything has its pair in opposites. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet; all paradoxes may be reconciled. After a few experiences, I began to wonder, if perhaps universal laws apply to other universal laws. (Oh, I know, some may read this and say, “well, duh” lol, but I had never thought of it before until it began showing up!)

Recently when manifesting things into my experience, I have started to see the opposite showing up on a completely different level. Opposite in way of teaching, showing, and offering up the bigger picture! I guess one could say it is a balance within the law itself.

Intentional balance?

When I speak of manifesting, I’m really just saying, focusing in on that which I prefer to experience in my life. You can call it working with The Law of Attraction, wishing, casting, or even commanding. In short, it is the act of letting the heart speak, with the mind quiet, and expressing your intention to the Universe/God/Source. (Whichever feels comfortable to you!)

I don’t want to go into a whole heap about manifesting rather than what I have noticed recently. There is one tip I would like to share with you that is easily forgotten when working with this law; Let it go! Speak it, see it, feel it, let it go! Back to what I’ve noticed. Maybe it has always been “a thing” and I’m just beginning to see it!

Balance within, balance without

The first thing I recognized is how quickly things are being brought forth when I set an intention out into the universe. I remember about two years ago; it would take about 2 months to see something show up. Now of course, this could have something to do with the Law of Vibration. As you raise your vibration to a higher level of consciousness internally, you have a greater ability to manifest your desires externally. Maybe I’ll do a whole other thing on that!

It was about two years ago when I had spoken an unconscious intention of not liking my kitchen floors. I wanted new kitchen flooring, and I thought, if I’m going to replace that, then I might as well replace the living room too. (I didn’t really care for it either!)

We are always creating!

It was the last “big” reminder I needed to watch what I think and say, as we are always creating. It was about 2 months after speaking this intent, seeing the new floors, and feeling satisfied in a sense. Satisfied in a way of knowing that I would eventually have my floors done. You know, slowly work on it. So, I let it go.

The next thing I know, I had a line break on my water heater that flooded the kitchen, the living room, and yes, even other areas. It all happened so quickly, and it was a total mess. I got what I had unconsciously created. Certainly not the scenario I had in mind, but I did receive what I had asked for!

It’s on it way

During that time, it would take a few months, whereas now… almost instantaneously manifested. Keep an eye on that one, because sometimes your manifestations may come in a different form and could be missed. Also, just because you see a crumb show up, don’t think the whole slice isn’t coming! Sometimes, a tiny part of what you are desiring will come through, as if to say, “We’re working on it. It’s on its way!”

balance photo

Balancing The Law of Attraction

The bigger thing I have noticed lately is how when I send out what I want to experience, that thing comes in, as well as the polar opposite. One would think that would be a “bad” thing, but I don’t feel it is. It’s like getting the want and the need at the same time.

Let’s use my latest example: I put out a clarion call, so to speak, to the universe that I wanted to see all the ways that I am supported. That showed up, sure enough. I got to see clearly the areas, the people, and the many ways I am actually supported. On the opposite view, I got the opportunity for what I needed. I needed to see the “negative” or the opposite.

The Polarity presents itself

I got the opportunity to truly, deeply acknowledge certain things. Gratitude for the numerous ways I am supported. I understood the need to evaluate the things that were presented to me to show how I am not supported.

Though in the moments, it was hard to accept. It showed me specific things that were not supporting my growth. I had to do some housecleaning, that’s for sure! It revealed certain people and their motives during this “showing up” that I couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

The balance within the balance?

The desire/want came through and I smiled every time I noticed it. The need slapped me in the face and showed me a bird’s-eye view of the WHOLE! I know in my heart, things like this happen for the highest good at all times.

Whether it had been happening all along, I couldn’t say, but I have a better understanding of how the balance of things work. Ask and you shall receive. Just be prepared to experience all facets of it.

Winner, winner!

Other small examples, I recently got in the feels to win some money on a scratch off. Not thinking too much into it. I go to check my ticket and indeed, I had won $500.00! Awesome! It was about 2 days later; my clutch went out in my car. I had someone close to me that said to buy the parts and they would fix it… the total cost $488.00. Polarity? I couldn’t help but to laugh about it!

Balancing the Law of Attraction: The silver lining…

Not long ago, I wanted silver hair. I knew that would take a lot of work in a salon seeing as I have black hair, but that did not stop the desire. I wanted it! There again, I had manifested that which I desired… but not in the scenario I had hoped for but maybe what I needed. I woke up one morning and had a bald spot right in the front center of my head. It was about the size of a silver dollar and baby smooth.

Of course, I freaked out! I drove my doctor nuts running test to no avail. As weeks went by, the spot began to fill in with the most beautiful silver strands of hair I had ever seen. Through the whole experience, I severed my attachment to my hair. Before this happened, my hair was down my back, but I wound up cutting it all off as this spot grew back in. I learned I am more than just my hair. (Usually, the first thing people notice about me and compliment) I needed that polarity!

Polarity or Duality?

One could argue whether this is really just duality. Afterall, this physical plane is all about some duality! I’d like to think of duality as being opposing instances, things that don’t necessarily work together. I’ve never gotten the feeling/vibe of balance with the word duality, though I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. Good vs Bad, Light vs Dark, Etc. Whereas the polarity feels to be more of something that may seem like an opposite, but it blends beautifully to bring balance. It may just be all about perspective when it really boils down to it!


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