Sound Healing: Amazing Ancient Techniques

Sound has been used as a catalyst in our history, across cultural bounds from Shamans to Tibetan lamas, Christians to Hindu, and many others. From ancient mystery schools in Greece, Egypt, Indian and other places of knowledge-we can explore the possibilities of sound healing being that it was and is a developed sacred science.

Long ago, when the people were connected to everything around them… the ground they walked upon, the stars they looked up to, the universe itself… there was a profound connection the sound healing. They used amazingly interesting techniques to heal the emotional, mental, and physical body. If you had ever though sound healing was “New Age”, it is ancient!

History of Sound Healing

Ancient Persians, 4000 years before Christ, used a system where the octaves related to a color. You can take our standard color chart, Roy-g-biv, and apply it to the musical scale. Pythagoras, ancient Egyptians, and ancient Chinese did this. Example being red is the note of C. As you spiral through the octaves, going through the colors. you also go through the frequencies of specific organs, bones, tissues, and systems in the body.

The ancient Babylonians were using complimentary colors as a frequency antidote for undesired mental, emotional states, and physical illness. I imagine if it were today, they would also implement wearing bright tones of blues, green, yellows… to manipulate a mood. Maybe keep that in mind, as you go through your closet to pick your choice of outfit for the day. What tone or frequency are you needing- going to set for the day!

Emotions have a Frequency

Sound also targets emotions. All emotions have a frequency. Anger always feels like anger. love always feel like love, they have a certain frequency.

Everything has a frequency. The ancient Chinese understood this. They would use complimentary frequencies to cancel challenges in the body. It is said to be balancing the elements, but you can also think of it this way. Whatever is in the elements, that type of energy is in you. Like oxygen has a certain frequency as does hydrogen. So, if you balance the frequencies of the elemental energies, the harmonics, it’s a complete balancing of you. Chinese use vocal toning to heal and to target specific organs with the frequency of the elements.

Fibonacci spiral
Fibonacci Spiral in Nature

Sacred Geometry Healing

The ancient Greeks put sacred geometry in their music. Sacred geometry patterns to spiral consciousness or lift your vibration up. I think this is the power of the 3,6,9… the spiral.

They were into emotional healing. They felt that if you healed the emotions… it would heal your physical symptoms. Philosophers Plato and Aristotle claimed that music and sound affected the soul and emotions.

Feel the Sound to Heal

All of us have been so hurt in our lifetimes, and when we don’t acknowledge the pain, it just bubbles, festers, and builds up. They would let the music help them to feel what needed to be healed also known as catharsis.

Harmony with Creation

The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, the man who discovered the Pythagorean theorem, defined a scale that was based on the relationship between the physical form and sound frequencies. His scale formed the foundation for music in the Western world. Pythagoras taught the Harmony of the Spheres. A theory that the sun, moon, and planets emit a frequency that is an expression of the scale. This brought the understanding that the resonance of a musical instrument or the human voice is harmonious with the rest of Creation.

Pythagoras said “Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character, contributes to the whole.” –Pythagoras

Everything in the world is made of atoms. The stars, the tress, you and me!


Sing a note… any note and sound. Now listen or feel for the “after waves” of that sound. Feel that- that is harmonics.

Ancient Egyptians had a tradition of using vowel sound chants for healing. They understood their acoustic power. They built resonating structures to amplify the effects, like the pyramids. According to an archeologist, Abd’el Hakim Awyan, said that “Every chamber within the pyramid has a specific harmonic replicating the harmonics of the cavities of the human body. Sound healing techniques were then used to restore the patient’s body to the correct harmonics.”

All the wonderful, quirky, and strange sounds you make

I invite you to become more familiar with your own voice—all the wonderful, quirky, and strange sounds you can make, the way your own breath moves over your vocal cords. The feeling that moves through your body with each and every tone you might make, activating your total experience in this life, here and now. The power of your voice to bring healing to the heart, mind, and your body.

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Interested in a course that teaches you how to use the power of your voice to balance your body? check it out here


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