Back to Basics

If you’ve found yourself saying, “When is this energy going to let up?!” You are not alone in this feeling. This is about the thickest wave of energy I have felt in a long time (and the longest wave).

At first, I thought it was just me, having come out of surgery with a neck fusion. I thought maybe I just needed time to get back to myself and heal. However, the more I’m stepping back into my day to day and talking with friends and clients, I’m finding that it isn’t only me feeling this intensity.

I have heard things like, ” I feel lost” ” I don’t know what I’m doing” “I feel nothing and everything” “I feel sad but there is nothing to be sad about” and “it feels like depression, but not”. Those are some really heavy things to feel. Trust me… I know!

Essential Practices

What is the best course of action to navigate through this energy. I feel it is time to get back to the basics, honestly. Practices that provide us with stability, protection, and pure energy. What are the basics you ask? Let’s do a rundown… maybe we can all challenge ourselves to just love ourselves as we are and for where we are… as we take baby steps forward.


Yes, the most basic practices! It’s like spiritual hygiene. It may not be exciting, but it is very important. You can easily take 5-10 minutes, walk outside and plant your toes into mother earth. While you are doing that, just imagine all the “dirt” running down and out of you into the center of earth. (Don’t forget to pull what you need back up like peace, happiness, confidence, etc.)

Want to try grounding another way? It’s too cold where I am to even think about going outside barefoot. So, I’ll give you another technique that is pretty simple. Hold your hands out and imagine a ball that you are holding out from you. I like to start off with just a simple energetic crystal ball. Now imagine this ball is pulling all the icky out of your body (don’t forget your aura).

You may go step by step through each part of your body, seeing the debris moving out of your body and into the ball that you are holding. When you are finished, see this ball move down into the earth below you, and ask for it to be filled with white light (customize it how you want for what you need). Bring this ball back up and into your body filling the spaces where all the negative energy was removed.


Shielding is exactly what it sounds like- you are putting an energetic shield up… a layer of defense, if you will, to protect you from unwanted energies. You can do this with a quick visualization. See a bright white light coming down from the heavens above into your crown. See this beautiful white light forming a ball in your heart space. Breath in, and as you breath out make this light expand. With each breath you will expand this ball until it completely surrounds your entire body and as far out as you would like.

You can also shield your home, your car, and even your workspace using this technique. Know your intention before you begin and hold that thought as you are expanding your shield. Intention is everything!

I AM Presence

Yes, yes, yes! Positive affirmations, AKA your I AM Presence. “I AM open to all possibilities”.

The worse thing I ever could have listened to was someone telling me that it was a “bad” thing to use your I AM presence if you truly don’t believe it. Their way of thinking was, if you don’t truly believe I am intelligent, then things will show up to show you just how unintelligent you are…

My way of thinking- Wouldn’t that be the point! So that I can learn and grow. Like show me to my face how I feel to be less than what I want to be so that I can work with that. Whether it be some deep-rooted limited belief about myself or it is something I just need to put effort into to build that characteristic about myself, I want to work on it.

On top of that… what would be the point in saying “I AM beautiful” if someone is already there and fully feels that way about themself. Make that make sense. If you can’t tell, I temporarily listened to that particular person. So, don’t make the mistake that I made. If it feels right for you, do it! If it is helping you grow, do it!


How do you do this? You can take a few moments at any time, preferably morning, as it will set the tone for your day and stand in front of the mirror. Begin to speak life into yourself. Hear the words vibrate through you as if it is waking up something inside of you. You can also do it whenever and wherever you want to. Walking into an interview, “I AM Confident”. Feeling angry, “I AM at peace with myself and those around me”. Having a hard time expressing your feelings “I AM open with my heart and feelings”. Work it how you want it and readjust as things arise. “YOU’VE got this!”


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